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Flat Belly Firm Butt In 16 Minutes

Max Results
30 days to transformation

One more time: Not everyone is doing it, but you are!

- Maria Brilaki, best-selling author, personal trainer, Stanford Engineering grad, MBA

Double your workouts

Want to reeeally take it to the next level? Double your workouts for a total of 32 minutes of FB16! Below I've included 6 workout combinations. Do the first 3 in the first 2 weeks, and continue with the last 3 are for the last 2 weeks.

Combo 1: Fit Test + Crazy Everything

Combo 2: Abs Sculptor + Love Handle Killer

Is it easy or hard?

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Combo 3: Butt Buster + Abs Cardio Circuit

Combo 4: Legs Sculptor + Arms Cardio Circuit

Combo 5: Crazy Abs + Body Balance

Combo 6: Butt Cardio Circuit + Arms Sculptor