Flat Belly Firm Butt In 16 Minutes

The 12-week Workout Busy Professionals Flip For!

Welcome to the FB16 Warm-up Week!

Complete steps 1-3 by Sunday so you're ready to join next Monday's FB16 class!
No more meaning to "fit in" exercise yet skipping it because you didn't have the time. This whole issue will be gone!

Step 1: What's your current fitness level?

We start out FB16 by measuring our fitness level. The goal? To measure it again at 4, 8, and 12 weeks and pat ourselves on the back for the progress we made! Don't judge your current level - this will change dramatically as you follow the program!

Here's what to do: This is a sample from the "Fit Test." It includes 3 exercises: push-ups, squats, and the "lady bug." Your goal is to do as many reps as possible before the timer rings. Jot down your reps - you'll need them for Step 2!

For step-by-step form instructions and modifications, click here. Exercise safely!

Step 2: How fitter will you get with FB16?

Ok now you know where you are. But how fit or strong will you be at 4 or 8 weeks? Just put the number of reps that you completed under the "Today" column.

The numbers in "after" will automatically change reflecting the estimated number+ of reps you'll be doing 4-8 weeks from today based on the data of past students who have followed the FB16 system.




Lady Bug

(put in the number of reps you completed today in the Mini Fit Test)

(what you'll most likely be doing after 4-8 weeks of FB16)

Step 3: Test-drive your Bonus workout!

With FB16 you'll get every benefit exercise offers+ in just 16 minutes 3 times a week. Will you get stronger? Yes. Leaner? Yes. More energetic? Yes. Healthier? Yes. Instead of meaning to "fit in" exercise, you'll find it easy to stick to your schedule.

Now is the time to try the program for yourself. This abs-focused workout is one of the very first workouts we do in FB16. It combines both cardio with strength training, giving you a strong core while raising your heart rate up and burning calories! Let's do it!

Done? Now click on the button to sign up for the full 12-week fb16 experience!