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How To Lose 25 Pounds Without Dieting: 3 Lessons From Krista.

This busy teacher with a side business lost 15 pounds in her first 8 weeks. 6 months later she was still following Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes having lost a total of 25 pounds!

How To Lose 25 Pounds Without Dieting: 3 Lessons From Krista.

Meet Krista, a teacher with a photography side business from the USA. If you’re anything like her, you could also lose 25 pounds without dieting – if you do what she did and are at a similar starting point.

I’ll start out by describing her journey, and then in the second part of this article, I’ll talk about the 3 important lessons we can take from Krista’s experience.

How Krista Lost 25 pounds without dieting.

She started Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes a few months after graduating from Exercise Bliss, my habit-building exercise program. This is what happened by exercising for 16 minutes – 3 times a week.

lose 25 pounds without dieting
“”I’ve lost about 25 pounds now. And I haven’t really changed my eating habits.”

Now don’t for a second think that weight loss trumps everything. Weight loss is a fine by-product of exercise. It’s also often why people get started with exercise in the first place.

But the benefits of exercise extend far beyond weight loss: our relationship with ourselves, our bodies, liking to move our bodies versus judging ourselves when we do it – just to name a few. Let’s take it from Krista:

The Problem: Having been overweight for many years

“My relationship with my body has always been very negative most of my life because I have been overweight most of my life.”

The Solution: Feeling encouraged, rather than demotivated

“I love Maria’s personality and she’s so encouraging the whole way through the videos, which is part of what makes me come back. I’m like ‘Yeah! I’m doing something great.'”

Her RESULTS: “I like myself better”

“Maria says in her videos I should be rewarding myself because I’ve done something healthy for me. And so that has helped me improve my overall relationship that I have with my body. And I now feel more confident, I like myself better, and I look forward to exercising. And that’s not something I thought I would feel, like looking forward to exercise. It’s just seemed like a chore and something difficult to do.”

How to lose 25 pounds without dieting: Lessons from Krista

Okay, now that we’ve learned about Krista’s journey, let’s review its key take-aways.

#1: Pick an exercise method/program that’s encouraging you to be better, and doesn’t demotivate you.

  • If you feel that your trainer is up high on a pedestral, and that no matter what you do, you could never reach this level…
  • If you feel that you’re being judged if you don’t perform or if you misstep (hello Biggest Loser culture!)

Then you’re highly likely to hate, or at a minimum, not enjoy what you’re doing, jeopardizing your chance for results, plus even if you do get results, they may be short-lived.

Not to mention you’re just not gonna enjoy the process! And that’s your life. Don’t waste it doing things you hate just because you think you should! Instead search for a different solution.

Here’s what Krista said about working with a trainer at a gym, and why it didn’t work for her. The trainer with the “perfect body,” was up on a pedestral, too high for her to reach.

Jump to 2:00: “They always made it seem like I would never be like them, like they never had any pain, or never struggled with it.”

But let’s talk about losing results, or gaining the weight back, because this is actually a bigger barrier than getting results in the first place. Think about it: If you do something you hate, then once you reach your goal and you feel that you no longer need to do this thing you hate, of course you’ll stop doing this thing you hate, and then voila! you’ll lose the fruits of your hard work.

And this brings me to the next point.

#2: Aim for a lifestyle change, not just something you can do for a little while and then drop it at the first sight of results.

Notice Krista’s journey:

  • She first enrolled in Exercise Bliss, which is an 8-week exercise program, that helps people make daily exercise a habit in 5 minutes a day. Notice that this was not about results at all – it was about making daily exercise your thing, so that you no longer feel intimidated by it, or see it as a chore.
  • Once she had that down, months later, she joined FB16.
  • She followed through with the program, and 6 months later she was still doing it.

No wonder how she first lost 15 pounds, and then she kept losing weight. Krista is in it for the long-term. She doesn’t plan to just exercise for a while and then drop it once she reaches some arbitrary weight loss goal.

Instead she’ll keep exercising, with or without results.

Jump to 2:00: “That’s what kept me coming back, because I like the way that I feel, and when I look at myself in the morning, and when I’m getting ready and things like that, I have a more positive body image as well. And sure I’m not my ideal size yet but I like that I’m making changes, I’m on the path, and any progression is a good step. It’s making me feel happier overall.”

Because exercise makes her feel good. Because as she said, now she’s reached a level where she actually looks forward to exercising.

Now that doesn’t mean that at first it wasn’t hard: “I will admit the first fitness test that we had to do, the next two days I could hardly move.” But it got better. Krista lost weight but she also changed her attitude. She has more confidence. She sleeps better. “This year I have not hit the snooze button once, I get out of bed much easier, and I fall asleep faster in the evening.”

Let me be clear: If you absolutely must get results in the next 2 weeks/months, because you’re getting married, or you have your high-school reunion to attend, I get it. I get why you’d only be interested in what you can get in the next few weeks/months and not focus on what happens after. But I still won’t completely get you off the long-term mindset hook.

If you aim for a lifestyle change, instead of just something that will help you get results in the short-term, you won’t just avoid gaining the weight back, you’ll actually be getting more and more results with time.

That’s why Krista lost the first 15, and then lost another 10. That’s why she keeps getting stronger.

And that’s why you may do 1 push-up but if you keep up with it, you’ll get to 10, then to 20, etc.

Every year will be getting better. And better. And better.

#3: You don’t need to put in hours to get results.

Most people think they need to slave at the gym to get results. They most probably also think they need to diet hard to see improvement. But that’s not true. And Krista is great proof of that. She didn’t change her eating habits, and she only exercised for less than one hour each WEEK.

Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes actually requires very little – just 16 minutes, 3 times a week. You don’t even need to spend any time, e.g., driving to the gym and back. You just get to do it at home! Heck, here’s what Krista says to her colleagues who run for an hour every day:

“You run for an hour? You Only Need 16 minutes to be successful!”

And this is the end of Krista’s story and what helped her lose 25 pounds without dieting! I didn’t present this just so you could read it and then forget about it. I wrote it because I want you to take action and get positive changes in your life.

So let’s take this back to you and think about what you can learn from Krista.

Leave a comment and let me know: What lesson from Krista’s journey seems the most relevant to you? How could you apply this to your own life?

Relevant Resources:

  • Try out Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes here. You’ll get access to the first 2-weeks worth of workouts for free!
  • If you’ve tried to exercise before, but you never get to stick to it for more than a couple of weeks or months, or if you want to do exactly what Krista did, and start with gentler exercise while focusing on building the habit of daily exercise first, here’s the link to the free habits class in Exercise Bliss. You’ll learn exactly what has been stopping you from making daily exercise your thing and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • For more reviews and lessons to learn from other people’s journeys, go here.
Author, Creator of FB16
Maria is the founder of Fitness Reloaded, where she helps over 100,000 monthly readers make better, healthier choices.
She's a Stanford Engineering grad and the best-selling author of "Surprisingly...Unstuck: The Power of Small Healthy Habits In A World Addicted To Instant Results" and "Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes".
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