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Abs Exercises Are Not Necessary In A Flat Belly Workout.

The abs exercises in a flat belly workout can make your belly flatter. But so can the legs exercises, the arms exercises, the balance exercises, the cardio exercises, etc.

Abs Exercises Are Not Necessary In A Flat Belly Workout.

So you’re in Flat Belly Firm Butt because you were looking for a flat belly workout.

And while it is true that working out helps with losing fat, what is not true is that doing ab workouts specifically help with your midsection. Let me explain.

The abs exercises in a flat belly workout can make your belly flatter. But so can the legs exercises, the arms exercises, the balance exercises, the cardio exercises, etc.

Getting a flatter belly depends on fat loss. The key to fat loss is maintaining a caloric deficit. So if you consume fewer calories than what you need – you have a deficit. Deficit leads to fat loss.

Exercise assists this process mainly because it burns calories. Burning calories is true for all types of exercise; abs exercises burn calories, leg exercises burn calories, arm exercises burn calories, etc.

Burning calories by doing ab exercises won’t make your body lose fat from your belly specifically. You cannot isolate fat loss to the belly or any other body part.

Burning calories by doing ab exercises, arm exercises, leg exercises, cardio, or any other type of exercise will help your body lose fat if you’re creating a caloric deficit. How your body loses that fat is up to your body. Doing ab exercises won’t tell your body to lose the fat from your belly but say, leave the fat in your arms or legs intact. Doing leg exercises won’t tell your body to lose the fat from your thighs first, and then maybe move to other parts of your body. The body will do what it wants to do.

So doing ab exercises specifically does not tell your body to lose fat from your midsection in particular. Doing ab exercises burns calories. And if you’re creating a caloric deficit, then your body will start burning fat.

Maybe you lose fat from all over your body; maybe you lose more from your thighs less from your belly; it’s up to your body.

A flat belly workout does not even need to have any abs exercises in it at all!

Ok, first let me say that pretty much any move you do requires your abs to work. So it’s not exactly true that doing non-ab exercises counts as not working your abs.

But still any workout that does not have any ab-focused exercises can still qualify as a flat belly workout. As long as it burns calories, then a leg workout, an arms workout, a brisk walking session – any workout can qualify as a flat belly workout.

Any workout no matter how effective it is won’t get your body to lose fat if you’re eating more than you need.

Say you’re doing the best workout that has ever been created. It makes you burn calories like crazy! You may still not lose any fat at all if you’re not creating a caloric deficit.

The calories in – calories out equation you see depends on what you eat – a lot. For many people it’s actually easier to lose fat by watching what they eat than by burning more calories.

So if after doing the best workout in the world, you eat more than you need, then you have no deficit. No deficit means no fat loss.

Notice I’m talking about fat loss, not weight loss.

Your weight may stay the same but your jeans may start fitting better. You’re losing inches while you weigh the same! How is that possible? You’re losing fat while gaining muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, hence the scale showing no difference!

That’s actually great news. I love it when it happens. Here’s a quick personal story to show just how strong this effect can be…

But in November of 2010 I went to Greece to plan my wedding to take place the following summer. I went to a tailor and had a custom wedding dress done for me. The tailor happily took my measurements and created the first draft of the dress for me to try on. Everything was perfect.

Only I lived in the USA. The next time I’d see the tailor – and the finalized wedding dress – would be one week before the wedding.

So fast forward to June. I go to Greece, and try the now finished wedding dress on. The tailor appeared agitated:

“You’ve lost weight,” he said in a scolding manner while putting safety pins on the sides of my ribs to secure the now big wedding dress. “You didn’t tell me you’d lose weight.”

“No, I didn’t lose weight! I weigh exactly the same as I did in November.”

“What are you talking about, you’ve lost all these inches. You should have told me you were going on a diet. What did you do?”

The wedding dress remained the same, the scale showed the same number, but it was obvious – I had not remained the same.

In the previous January, for the first time in my life, I committed to working out 5 days a week. I had kept doing that without missing a day.

No, I wasn’t doing specifically ab workouts. In fact, I was doing a combination of weight lifting and cardio on the elliptical at the time.

I knew I was stronger but hadn’t realized I’d lost all these inches until I tried the wedding dress on.

Luckily the tailor adjusted the dress quickly, and the wedding went on smoothly.

And I also bought new shorts because all my summer shorts were now too big for me. It was not just the wedding dress that was too big 🙂

The fact that ab exercises are not necessary for a flat belly workout doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do abs.

A strong core will help you have better control over your daily movements, plus it’s necessary for when you’re doing non-ab exercises. Take a pull-up for example, a classic upper body exercise.

Do you think your abs are not working hard as your lifting yourself up? Anyone who has ever tried doing a pull-up knows what I’m talking about.

So if a flat belly workout is not the answer, then what’s a good way to lose belly fat?

Scratch that. There’s no good way to lose belly fat, there’s only a good way to lose fat in general. I’ll repeat it here, you cannot isolate fat loss.

You can, of course, watch your diet. From an exercise perspective, know that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) burns more calories than steady-state or moderate-paced exercise (we’re talking 20-50% more calories depending on what you do.) So from a caloric standpoint, 15 min of HIIT may count like 30 minutes of brisk walking for example.

Yes, having more muscle may increase the number of calories you need on a daily basis, but don’t put your hopes over there at this point.

Finally, consistency is key. If you’re gonna exercise for a month or two, or even a year or two, but then drop it, then expect the benefits of exercise to be just as fleeting. I feel we all know that but it’s not emphasized enough. Sometimes quitting cannot be avoided (health issues for example) but sometimes it can. I’ve written about making exercise a habit in my book, so I encourage you to take a look if this is important to you.

Here’s how Flat Belly Firm Butt works.

Flat Belly Firm Butt is a full-body HIIT workout. Does it have abs exercises? Absolutely. But it also has leg exercises, arms exercises, cardio exercises, total body exercises, balance exercises, etc. People tend to lose inches from their belly, not because of the ab exercises specifically, but because they’re working out doing effective exercises at a high intensity.

Also, they don’t just lose fat from their belly, as fat loss cannot be isolated in one body part. That’s why we measure both belly and hips circumference when we get started (and also don’t pay too much attention to our weight, because as in the wedding dress example, the scale can be misleading.)

If you want to try out an abs workout from the Flat Belly Firm Butt series for free, start here. If you have questions, please post in the comments.

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