Flat Belly Firm Butt In 16 Minutes

Get in shape in just 16 minutes 3 times a week

Is time the reason you don't work out regularly? FB16 is what you need. The next class starts on Monday .

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Flat Belly Firm Butt in 16 Minutes is an 8-week, High Intensity Interval Training, home workout program designed to get you an hour's results in 16 minutes.

And don't let the term "High Intensity Interval Training" scare you. The program is designed specifically for beginner and intermediate exercisers.

So if you've been walking, doing yoga, or maybe doing nothing because it all seems like too much, then FB16 will help you GET IN TOP SHAPE without having to spend hours!

No More Excuses!

It'll be hard to justify NOT working out for 16 min at home.

It's really hard not to have 16 minutes.
- Jessica Y., Environmental Engineer

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Get accelerated results with interval training

You'll get faster definition in 16 minutes than your normal 60-minute gym or yoga routine.

Designed By A Stanford Engineer

Not by another trainer who works out the whole day anyway.

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No more struggling to "fit in" exercise

You'll no longer need to find the time to "make it" to your hour-long yoga class.
All you have to do is 16 minutes of exercise at home!

Can you believe those results...

Just by exercising 16 minutes 3x/week?

  • I can pull my pants on without undoing the button!
    - Charlotte W., Mother, Sales Professional

  • 3-4 times later, all of sudden I was like, “Okay now I can actually do these exercises." It was really exciting for me to see growth and progress, besides the weight loss and my clothes fitting easier and more comfortably.
    - Krista B., Teacher

  • I can finally say that I have worked out for 3 consecutive months, which is a first for me! And I finally can also say that I LOVE working out! :)
    - Vicky P., Software Engineer

  • Working out made me HAPPY!
    - Marcela M., Photographer, mom of twins

  • I started having more energy and beginning my day with a positive attitude!
    - Karen E., Manager

+Results vary based on goals, effort, and starting point.